Program Description

This co-ed indoor volleyball league is perfect for intermediate to recreational level players. There must be at least 2 women (minimum) on the court. This league also features:

  • Eight (8) regular season matches 
  • Matches are best of 3 games to 25 points (with adjustments to time if needed)
  • Matches start between 7pm and 9pm
  • A league t-shirt - your uniform for the season
  • Up to 2 divisions, if possible, based on the total number of teams
  • 1 qualified referee per game, plus two line judges (each team will serve as line judges multiple times  throughout the season)
  • Playoffs for the top qualifying teams in week 9
  • Prizes will be awarded to the championship teams
  • Be sure to join your teammates and fellow teams for food and drink specials at our on-site bar!

NOTE: Non-prepaid teams or small groups who do not reach the full roster (9 players) will have free agents assigned to the team. If you would like full control over the roster, you must sign up a pre-paid team, or fill your roster before the league is full. 

Program Details
Location: Santa Clara - Bay Club Santa Clara
Registration Dates:

Now — Apr 5, '16 Early Bird

Apr 6, '16 — Apr 19, '16 Standard

Apr 20, '16 — May 4, '16 Late Fee

Max Teams:12
Team Roster:6 Players Minimum, at least 2 of each gender. 12 Players Maximum.
First Game Date:Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Last Game Date:Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Postseason Format:Top 4 teams
Individual Price: Early Bird $66.00Standard $76.00Late Fee $66.00 (See Refund Policy)
Team Price: Early Bird $599.00Standard $649.00Late Fee $599.00 (See Refund Policy)