Program Description

This co-ed softball league will play in San Jose, with more information to come about the specific venue (Columbus, Calabazas, Backesto). This league is a great place for corporate novice teams and intermediate and below level players, or players who want competition, but also want a friendly and social environment. We stress good sportsmanship at all times. This league features:

  • 60 minute time slots (about 6 innings) 
  • Games start between 7pm - 9pm every week
  • A league t-shirt - your uniform for the season
  • There will be 1 qualified umpire per game
  • Playoffs for the top qualifying teams 
  • Prizes will be awarded to the championship teams

NOTE: Non-prepaid teams or small groups who do not reach the full roster (14 players) will have free agents assigned to the team. If you would like full control over the roster, you must sign up a pre-paid team, or fill your roster before the league is full. 

Program Details
Official Rules: Legacy Dynamic Softball Rules
Locations: San Jose - (1) Backesto Park, (2) Calabazas Park, (3) Columbus Park 1
Registration Dates:

Now — Jan 23, '19 Early Bird

Jan 24, '19 — Feb 6, '19 Standard

Feb 7, '19 — Feb 20, '19 Late

Feb 21, '19 — Last Day of Program Prepaid Registration

Max Teams:6
Team Roster:10 Players Minimum, at least 4 of each gender. 16 Players Maximum.
First Game Date:Monday, March 4, 2019
Last Game Date:Monday, April 22, 2019
Postseason Format:Top 4 teams
Individual Price: Early Bird $85.00Standard $95.00Late $105.00Prepaid Registration $105.00
Team Price: Early Bird $900.00Standard $1000.00Late $1100.00Prepaid Registration $1100.00