Dynamic Sport & Social Club Official Men’s Basketball Rules

  1. 5 on 5 games will be played, and teams may start a game with no less than 4 players.

  2. College Rules will be followed with the exception of the rules below.

  3. 20 minute running halves and using standard stop clock rules for the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half only. The clock will run during shooting fouls unless it is in the last 2 minutes of the game. There is a 3 minute half-time.

  4. Players will be removed from the game after their 5 foul is committed.

  5. Single bonus occurs on the 7th foul and Double bonus will occur upon the 10th foul in each half.

  6. A technical foul results in 2 free throws and possession of the ball to the opposing team. Players committing 2 technical fouls will be ejected from the game.

  7. An intentional foul results in one shot and possession of the ball.

  8. Each team is allotted (2) 30-second time-outs per half and one extra in overtime.

  9. If a team is ahead by 10 or more points at any point during the last two-minutes of the second half, the clock will continue to run until the deficit is reduced below 10 points.

  10. A 2-minute overtime will be played if there is a tie at the end of the second half. The clock will run during the first minute and stop during the last 30 seconds for out of bounds, substitutions, and fouls.

  11. Only captains may speak to the referees or scorekeepers.

  12. If a team forfeits a game they must pay a $50 fine, which will go toward the winning team’s bar tab at the end of season party. A second forfeit is a $100 fine. All game scores will not count until they pay the fine to the league. A no-call, no-show forfeit is an automatic $100 fine. Known forfeits must be contacted 24 hours prior to game time or a $50 fine will be charged.

  13. Rosters are considered final after the 3rd game and no player may play after the 3rd game if they are not on the roster. Roster checks may only be performed prior to game time and once the game has started, no roster check can impact the result of the game. All substitutes must sign a waiver prior to playing. Under no circumstances will a substitute player be allowed to play in the playoffs. If you need to add a player to the roster before the 4th game is played, please contact us.

  14. All jerseys, towels, and trash must be picked up be each team after the game has ended. Please don’t trash the gym.

  15. Go to the bar after games, have a beer, and have fun!