Dynamic Sport & Social Club

Official Hybrid Ball Dodgeball Rules Updated 9/13/17

Honor Code

Coed Dodgeball is played on the honor system.  It is important to remind yourself and your teammates that everyone in the league is here to have fun and meet new people. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Food and drinks, other than water, are not allowed in the gymnasium.


Match Forfeits

Court and Equipment

Game Play

  1. Mid-air catches (jumping): Both feet must land in bounds for the catch to be valid. When landing, no contact may be made across any line or the catch will not count and the catching player will be out.
  2. Kicked balls do not count as throws and therefore cannot be counted as catches.
  3. When holding a ball in your hand and a thrown ball causes you to drop the ball you were holding and it hits the ground.
  1. Throwing a dangerous high throw, at the discretion of the referee. The Head Ref will have final say and may issue a warning before declaring a player out. (Only called if persistent high throws occur).
    • A player will be warned twice before being removed from a game with no chance of being caught back in.
    • If a player has been removed from a game for high throws and continues the infraction, the player will be removed for the current game and two extra games where no substitute may be used. The team will be forced to play down a player.
    • A third infraction will be ejection for the night with no substitute allowed.
    • If a night ejection happens a second time, the player will be removed from the league with no refund.
  2. ”Pinching” the ball. The ball must be held with the fingers extended so as to palm the ball. Any squeezing, pinching, or other attempt to alter the flight of the ball shall result in the offending player being declared “Out”.
  3. Exceptions
    • If, after being hit, the ball is caught by a teammate before hitting the ground, the hit player is “saved” and the throwing player will be out.
    • If a ball hits a player, then hits a teammate, and is then caught by the original player all before hitting the ground, the throwing player will be out.
    • As above, if a ball is dropped as the result of being hit by a live ball, and is caught by a teammate before hitting the ground, the player who dropped the ball may remain in the game and the thrower will be out.
  1. A player must be PHYSICALLY IN the Out Queue at the time of the catch in order to be eligible to re-enter the game.  i.e. not walking towards the out queue from the court when the ball is caught. This means HURRY to the Out Queue!
  2. A re-entering player must enter the court before grabbing a ball.
  3. If a player tries to re-enter out of order, intentionally or not, the offending team will forfeit the right to re-enter for that occurrence.
  1. If a night ejection happens a second time, the player will be removed from the league with no refund.
  1. If the ref believes a player intentionally moved toward he ball with their head, the hit player will be out.
  2. A player hit in the head by a low throw while ducking, dodging, diving etc. will be out.


Coed Rubber Dodgeball is a player-officiated sport, and each team is responsible for designating players from their team as referees for other games as indicated on the provided season schedule:

  1. No player shall intentionally throw at any player’s head.
  1. Any player who breaks the above rules twice in one match shall be ejected.
  2. Any player ejected twice in a season shall be removed from the league.
  1. Enforcing the slow-play/ball possession rule
  2. Enforcing the honor system
  3. Enforcing all penalties


Not all teams can make playoffs, but we will try to take as many as possible and have two separate skill divisions for playoffs when possible. Standard DynamicSSC tie-breaker rules will prevail. For more info, visit our FAQ page.